My messages to the sky

● You exist, therefore I do.

● Offering you a flower for being so vast yet gracious.

● You are a perfect blend of sunshine, haze and magic.

● I think I melt right into your colours.

● You are pure magic and shine. Thank you for sheltering me when I don’t have a shelter.

● You taught me never to doubt in the slightest.

● Feels like my hand is arising out of the tree and blooming further into a flower, into you.

● Let me introduce you to the tiny moon I see.

● You’re distant, but within my reach.

● I think we are exchanging beauty with awe. Who’s beauty, whose awe?

● Solitude and comfort coexist because of you.

● Accept my gratitude with your endless grace.

● Even the dark suits you. Is it your favourite clothing yet?

● I measure you by life’s infinite possibilities. What do you measure me by?


20 thoughts on “My messages to the sky

  1. I cannot but exclaim in an appreciative wow at the stunning pics featured here, dear Maskan. It truly bears testimony to the visual and descriptive acumen of your creative talent. Explore more of nature’s bounties, panning beyond the glorious skies to capture the majesty of the mountains, gurgle of the streams, balminess of the lakes, lushness of the forests, dance if the waves on expanse of seas and their embracing tryst with eagerly waiting shorelines. Nature is a humongous canvass to work our magic on. Best wishes…x

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  2. Muskan, these are the most beautiful pictures, I have come across in a really long time, can’t believe it’s Delhi?? Is it??? I must appreciate the way you could describe this stunningly beautiful moment. And your words do absolute justice to it.


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