Soft hearts

When I googled the term ‘soft’, it had two meanings as an adjective:

1) easy to mould, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch.

2) having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect rather than sharp definition.

For humans who appear ‘soft’, I’d like to go by the second definition and not the first. We simply have a subtle effect that is pleasing in nature. There is no sharpness.

I get to hear this often: “You are too soft for this harsh world. You don’t have to be. You’ll end up getting disappointed or hurt.” But I think it is so important to learn the difference between being soft and being vulnerable. Being soft means you are simply open to various emotions and feelings, which is not necessarily bad.

For me, ‘soft’ is the most beautiful thing to be. It allows one to be kind and reverberate with compassion for others. Without it, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today. If people try to make you believe that being hard, cold or authoritative is what makes you strong and that you are a fool to feel deeply, just tell them politely, “Softness is not my weakness, I genuinely believe it is my greatest strength”, and walk away.

In a world full of rough edges and sharp corners, there is a dire need for humans who continue to be kind and gentle. Your strength is not in your bravado, but in your quiet. And that is okay.

Muskan Lamba (23.05.2017)


18 thoughts on “Soft hearts

  1. It is important to be kind, considerate and be open to hear another point of view. But one also has to protect self not to be duped. A kind landlord will never get his dues because his subjects will be perennially short of money, honestly or not so honestly.

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