People you term as fake but you shouldn’t

–Someone behaving nicely with a person they hate – they are only trying to win over their hatred through a way they may find effective and it is not necessary for people to express all negative feeling outwardly, nor should it be done.

–Someone portraying themselves as strong to others when they are feeling weak (and you know it) – they do not want to appear vulnerable or call for help, which is an individual choice.

–Someone who embraces their softness and shows their emotions as they are (including people you perceive as too sensitive) – they are simply courageous, even if they appear too moody/honest/restless to you.

–Someone who has a tendency to exaggerate their happiness or sadness (including people you think cry too much or too easily) – they are expressive in their own terms and not all of us follow the same pattern of expression. Sometimes, our emotions overwhelm us.

–Someone you see as being nice and polite to everyone – they are trying to embrace/bring out their goodness even if it does not exist for everyone in the first place.

–Someone who appears to be seeking attention – they want to be accepted/seen/heard for who they are.

–Someone you dislike and associate with negative traits they do not possess – you’re projecting your own hatred onto them.

–Someone you’ve not spoken to but they hold a bad social image – you only know them in bits and pieces from what you’ve heard from others or seen as an outsider.

–Someone who’s ready to help anyone and everyone with an open heart – they are selfless. People like that exist, even if it goes far beyond your beliefs.

–Someone who shows off, is flaunty or over ambitious – there’s another word for them: pretentious.

–Someone who deceives or cheats – it is entirely contextual, but in most cases, there are reasons beyond common comprehension.

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6 thoughts on “People you term as fake but you shouldn’t

  1. Incisive and to the point observations made on the energy we want to release and perhaps needs to vent out! There are people who can be true like you put and the illusion of thought may adversely affect us.

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